GhaidaJKT48 wearing Coruscate Unique Lolita Dress

GhaidaJKT48 wearing Lolita Dress is really a shocking news for everyone who loves JKT48.

We met Ghaida as a friend, we have a photoshoot with Japanese Station idol, and Ghaida come to play after college.

She tell us that she really love LOLITA Fashion but can't wear it because everyone said she's a boy XD

So we decided to make over her, by a goddess hand RENATA she transform this girl to amazing beautifully LOLITA. 

This is the first dress she wore (✌◠▽◠) ☜(ˆ˘ˆ)

GhaidaJKT48 wearing Lolita DressGhaidaJKT48 wearing Lolita Dress
She tried to wear my hair clip, and she like it and almost cry.
You can look the shoes ? It's 12cm high !  

Without wig she looks cute

Everyone in this room (boys and girls) so shock and can't believe it, she's so cute. Even Yasher, the photographer said "MARIKO!! MARIKO!!" XD
Other said "She's not Mariko, she looks like my favorite Korean star!"
Our fad became a trending in twitter, and we loves it! 
Fu fu fu !!

We're still on jetlag while meet Ghaida, so can't speak a lot with her, she's so friendly and we have headache and really hungry after trip from SMG to JKT LOL,, 

We hope we can meet her again and transform her into cute cute girl that can make everyone got nosebleed

She wear it for Handshake event.

Coruscate Unique still have this dress if you want to wear it too, you can purchase here 

About this letter dress

Coruscate Unique Lolita Dress

I love this fabric pattern of letter. We made this dress twice, but I don't like the first one so we decide to transform into rag doll dress.

Here the first design that I don't like at all,,

 to thisCoruscate Unique Lolita Dress 
       Which one do you like ?

We are write this so late because don't want make any chaos because we still want to she her in JKT48.


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