Coruscate Unique Kind of Lolita Dolly Dress Collections

We found very very lovely fabric here in local shop and then decide to make simple pinafore dress with cute details ...
So this is two of lolita dress made by Coruscate Unique...

White Pinafore Dress Golden Printed Red Chiffon Stripe Ribbon Decor

Here we are !!

So cute isn't it ??!!

You can purchase here on Coruscate Unique 

Only one item, so this dress limited for you :)

I made it on blue color too  

Photograph by : AdetPhoto Semarang

How To Make Coruscate Unique's Best Selling Dress

this is step by step how to make this dress 

Maybe our place messy but we promise it's CLEAN !!

1. cut the pattern 

2. cut the fabric 

3. cut tulle fabric

4. sew bodice

5. taraaa,, this is beautiful dress bodice

6. sew tulle for petticoat

7. make the petticoat om lining

8. taraaaa here's comes the petticoat

9. sew ruffle on skirt's bodice

10. almost finish !

11. now we make flower on skirt 

12. DONE !!!

I love this dress,, usually customer bought this dress for her wedding . . .
Hope they live ever after ,, I'm sooo happy become part of them ^^
Coruscate Unique Edited by Agen