I Have a New Friend Named ROLITA

My photographer friends named Dans and Dikha ask me to take a photoshoot with "retro themed" .

He said " I have a sweet good looking model named Rolita."
"What?" , I said .
How cute her name is . Similiar with LOLITA . Well Japanese usually said Lolita with Rorita ,, haha !

So exited when I saw her, with a cute face like Japanese . I'm shocked my photographer friends have bought so many white and yellow baloon.

Here there are some of cute photo took by them. Retro dress from Coruscate Unique.

Coruscate Unique

Rolita on Coruscate Unique

She twins !!!

Coruscate Unique
Rolita on Coruscate Unique


  1. super cute photos!

    visiting you from the etsy success team! great blog :)




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