Difference Between Lolita Cosplay and LOLITA

What is the difference between LOLITA COSPLAY and LOLITA ?

Mostly gaming or anime characters who dress like a real lolita lolita NOT included ( example : Rozen Maiden , etc ) . Only the design of the character costumes are lolita - inspired . Likewise, the cosplay of the character is NOT included in the category of lolita , but cosplay . There is no exception in this regard.

But there is also a manga character who is telling about the life of a lolita in a fashion context , namely Kamikaze Girls ( there is a live adaptation of the action with the title Shimotsuma Monogatari ) . The main character is pure lolita ( even the Japanese lolita brand , Baby the Stars Shine Bright is also covered in the manga ) , and it tells the story of the life of a girl who likes to lolita fashion , not just " similar character costume lolita ".


Cosplay is when we dress into other characters ( fictional ) , while in lolita we do not become anyone . We're just being ourselves in her lolita clothes . Therefore lolita NOT costume , or cosplay , or cosplay original characters. Lolita is a fashion , which means also includes a lifestyle . Not just wearing unique and stylish Japanese event to be a certain character .


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