Thank You so much for wonderfull friend who reviewed Coruscate Unique

In this lovely business , I have so many new friends around the world that so many a very kind-hearted girls who reviewed Coruscate Unique.

I met Abie Peñaranda Santos in my facebook account, she's a lolita girl from Philiphine, a cool country in Asia who has reviewed us in her lovely blog . Here it is her blog .

Abie and her friends in Philiphines have a small collaboration named Labyrinth Garden, they are sell 2nd hand clothes to girls who have limited budget.

Please take a look her blog ;)

VICKY SHU is wearing our dress again !

Vicky Shu is a singer in Indonesoa, she has a beautiful face and many talent.. Not just sing, she also can play guitar and keyboard.

Several times, Coruscate Unique makes costume for her perform.. She is wearing our dress to for her video clip "Pacar Kamu".
here it is the video Pacar Kamu _ Vicky Shu
This is the first time I meet her in hotel after she finished perform in Semarang . Is she pretty ? ♡ She is so kind, friendly, and funny. 

While she is performing at our city Semarang, we always ask her, "Do you want to wear our dress while perform in here ?"
And she always said YES, sure !

So we met again with Vicky Shu when she will perform at Paragon Mall Semarang, this is the second time we met her.
We offered her to wear our puffy tutu dress to perform that night, and luckily she like it. although the dress loose on her, but she looks pretty, charming, and UNIQUE.


This fuchia dress she bought from us for performing at E Plaza Semarang. She has a powerfull voice while singing .

And then , this new dress maybe you see it in our etsy, the red chili dress make her so pretty... ! This dress made from satin dove, it is thick satin for bridal. Flowers made from tulle, handmade hand stiched by hand one by one and dicorated by red germ to make it blink . She asked us to make it sexy for Starqueen Club Semarang. 

It was a great experiences in our life while working with her ^^

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