Coruscate Unique's 1st Fashion Show at Jakarta !

Coruscate Unique's first fashion show at Jakarta . A special event fromIndieBro .

Thank You for all your support |
Eleanour Dress for partner

Talent :

Thank You so much for the BEST help Ceria Anggraeni + Yudho ♥ 

PS :

♥ We love that our job has brought us so many new friend.

Coruscate Unique's owner :

Enjoy the pict ! :)

I Have a New Friend Named ROLITA

My photographer friends named Dans and Dikha ask me to take a photoshoot with "retro themed" .

He said " I have a sweet good looking model named Rolita."
"What?" , I said .
How cute her name is . Similiar with LOLITA . Well Japanese usually said Lolita with Rorita ,, haha !

So exited when I saw her, with a cute face like Japanese . I'm shocked my photographer friends have bought so many white and yellow baloon.

Here there are some of cute photo took by them. Retro dress from Coruscate Unique.

Coruscate Unique

Rolita on Coruscate Unique

She twins !!!

Coruscate Unique
Rolita on Coruscate Unique

Another Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot Theme with My Friends

When a long holiday of Eid Mubarak, my friend Gusti Hasta talk to her friend Poppy who work at Cosmopolitan Magazine to take a picture with Coruscate Unique's dress

So we asked my photographer friend named Dans to help me potrait her. We have an idea to take an Alice in Wonderland theme, and he agreed. He bring a BIG WOOD FRAME with his friend Dhika and we bought some colorful baloon. We started to potrait Poppy at 4 pm, at Marina near a beach in Semarang. 

Here it is photoshoot from our friend DANS

I really love color of sunset !

See this BIG WOODEN FRAME ? This frame is very heavy . . . . . 
well and expensive too, not mine of course :D   

This photo from my friend DHIKA

Dhika said want to potrait her like a living doll.

Another baloon too .

This bag for property made by Coruscate Leathe Bag , all hand stiched manually, we don't use machine . Simply reason, because we really love handmade,
it's made just for you, not mass production :D 

Hope we can share another photoshoot again ! YEYYYY !!! 

Thank You so much for wonderfull friend who reviewed Coruscate Unique

In this lovely business , I have so many new friends around the world that so many a very kind-hearted girls who reviewed Coruscate Unique.

I met Abie Peñaranda Santos in my facebook account, she's a lolita girl from Philiphine, a cool country in Asia who has reviewed us in her lovely blog . Here it is her blog .

Abie and her friends in Philiphines have a small collaboration named Labyrinth Garden, they are sell 2nd hand clothes to girls who have limited budget.

Please take a look her blog ;)

VICKY SHU is wearing our dress again !

Vicky Shu is a singer in Indonesoa, she has a beautiful face and many talent.. Not just sing, she also can play guitar and keyboard.

Several times, Coruscate Unique makes costume for her perform.. She is wearing our dress to for her video clip "Pacar Kamu".
here it is the video Pacar Kamu _ Vicky Shu
This is the first time I meet her in hotel after she finished perform in Semarang . Is she pretty ? ♡ She is so kind, friendly, and funny. 

While she is performing at our city Semarang, we always ask her, "Do you want to wear our dress while perform in here ?"
And she always said YES, sure !

So we met again with Vicky Shu when she will perform at Paragon Mall Semarang, this is the second time we met her.
We offered her to wear our puffy tutu dress to perform that night, and luckily she like it. although the dress loose on her, but she looks pretty, charming, and UNIQUE.


This fuchia dress she bought from us for performing at E Plaza Semarang. She has a powerfull voice while singing .

And then , this new dress maybe you see it in our etsy, the red chili dress make her so pretty... ! This dress made from satin dove, it is thick satin for bridal. Flowers made from tulle, handmade hand stiched by hand one by one and dicorated by red germ to make it blink . She asked us to make it sexy for Starqueen Club Semarang. 

It was a great experiences in our life while working with her ^^

DREAM COMES TRUE ____ L'arc~en~Ciel Concert 2nd May in JAKARTA

Jakarta has became a part of the L'arc ~ en ~ Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012,  held in Lapangan D Senayan on May 2nd 2012, became the only one outdoor stage in this tour.

Thanks to our friendsAudhy and Arif who helped us bought the ticketsWe bought VIP tickets worth IDR 1,200,000, or $ 120 . Thanks to GOD we have so much money at that time.
Pre Ticket 
We amazed L'arc ~ en ~ Ciel for around 10 - 12 years (now we are 25 years old). So the owner of Coruscate Unique is a couple. Zu was manager for theLEMONADE band, and Adit is bassist for this band until now. His band played L'arc ~ en ~ Ciel's songs. The vocalist voice's similar to Hyde BUT not as great as Hyde. :D

Our trip to Jakarta is without a hitch, different to our friends who missed the flight or the tickets can not be taken on the day. From Semarang to Jakarta is taken 8 hours by train. We arrived in Jakarta at 3 am, sleep at the train station, waiting for the ticket counter opened at 7 because we forgot to buy a ticket to go home.
Our course to Audhy's house by Transjakarta is far from comfortable, ride public transportation 3 times and eat breakfast at Sundanese warung

When we met Audhy at 3 pm, he went on to show off that he buy official merchandise from the Senayan, very expensive
Left _ He bought Premium Package for IDR 500,000 (small tote bag, CD and shirt )
Right __ VIP Package for Zu and Adit
Premium ticket for my friend ___ VIP Ticket for me and Adit
VIP Package,, just towel.. and made in Indonesia,,  Laruku's member who have idea to give this towel to us. 
On the road, we were getting excited and 4L4Y when I saw a lot of banners and billboards around Senayan. 

So we wear that "expensive" VIP towel like SOCCER Supporters !

And was shocked when we saw this crowd as busy there, Audhy saysit's like gathering from all Japanese community in Indonesia.
photo from
Open gate starts at 4, we are of the very long queue with Audhy's friend and my SEKAZO's friend Anton, he's a BIG BOY so we ask him to smash people in front of us ! LoL !
In the very dark clouds accompanied by boomed lightning. GOD that night is so amazing, the cloud slowly dissapear only at venue. 
After entering the venue and see the stage, Adit said "usually I only see Tetsu's amplifier on DVD, now I can see  it in front of me". The funny thing while we wait for them is, the audience always cheered to Laruku's crew when they are on stage ! LoL ! 

OK finally we can enter gate 2

Wait about 1 hour, there was an announcement on the speaker with English and Indonesian " "Concert will be stopped and the player will go down the stage if heavy rain appear, for the safety of players. Concert will be postponed"
We watch a very dark sky, and thick clouds, and sad because can't wait longer, my legs are very tired of waiting.. I'm OLD. Thanks god the magic number two begin ! There is little light appear behind the moon , and slowly the clouds disappear just on the venue !. 
A few minutes again, main big screen on stage show animation for L'arc ~ en ~ Ciel members. And then HYDE appeared from behind the drum followed by Yukihiro, Tetsuya, and Ken.

Amazing animation !!

We don't bring any camera in that concert, it so useless to capture their performance, I will miss many things when I was busy taking pictures. Besides rules don't allow the audience at the concert brought a camera. So this photo is the last photo that I took.
Animation for Hyde

They played Ibara no Namida for opening 

Photo from Masahiro Oishi

Set list: 

1. Ibara no Namida kind like a " YOU WATCH DVD 4D WITH A LOT OF PEOPLE SCREAM AND SING "  Ibara no Namida (not my video)

2. CHASE___________ this is new song, not Zu's favorite but she don't know why after the 
show, her head always sing this song. CHASE (not my video)

3. GOOD LUCK MY WAY ___________ We only memorize the Chorus part, and foun out 
Hyde's voice is so sexy.. GOOD LUCK MY WAY (not my video)

4. HONEY ___________ Hyde playing guitar in this song ! and start MC-ing with Bahasa Indonesia "kami L'arc~en~Ciel. Kamu senang ketemu aku? Aku ? Aku juga ... Selamat Menikmati" HYDE MC + HONEY (not my video)

5. DRINK IT DOWN  ____________Oh We just LOVE IT !!  DRINK IT DOWN (not my video)

6. REVELATION ______________ Audience sreams in this song, but Hyde face is so funny,  he jeering audience shouts with sticking out her tongue, as if to say "what a scream? Too Shining" and Ken and Tetsu to encouragethe audience to yell louder. REVELATION (not my video)

7. Hitomi no Juunin _____________ they played this song while sitting in front of the drum, so romantic Hitomi No Jyunin

8. XXX : this is brand new song, and uudiences still can sing it ! XXX (not my video)

9. fate __________ I'm forgot I love this song but I can't sing it T^T FATE

10. forbidden lover _______________ is amazing moment when Hyde's tears fall down.. but 

so many event I saw at DVD when Hyde cry too.. FORBIDDEN LOVER

11. MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM ______ Can only watch Japanese audience sing the Part 

of  Yume wo egaku yo , now we can be part of this !!! MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM (not my video)

12. SEVENTH HEAVEN ______________ Ken Unzip - Zip his pants on Seventh Heaven

13. Driver’s High _____ finally We can JUMP and said CLASH & FLASH !!!! Driver's High 

(not my video)

14. STAY AWAY __________ Adit almost cried in this song, I saw Hyde Hyde slipped a bit 
and see the floor in this song, do you notice?  He's a little slip in the same place twice, and can handle it calmly  Stay Away + Yukihiro solo drum (not my video) 

15. READY STEADY GO with FIREWORK !!! Ready Steady Go ! (not my video)

They said Terimakasih, enter the back stage... And audience start to sing ANATA's Chorus..

It's amazing moment if you are a Band player !
Voice of the audience heard faint and low, sing along .. and slowly the drizzling rain began to fall ...
And then the opening music Anata song begin.

Encore :

16. Anata ____________ ANATA

17. 4th avenue cafe __________ Ohhh we become YOUNG again !! Samurai X song !!!! 4th Avenue Cafe

18. Link ___________this song is really really really our favourite !!!!  LINK

19. Niji _____________ Zu's crying like a river in this song,, because she watch Hyde's teary 

eyes when Hyde said " Kami datang ke Indonesia lagi .... Terimakasih .... Ini lagu terakhir" NIJI 
+ Hyde said "Kamu senang ? Aku juga..."


- Ken MC : MANTAP !!!!!!

- Tetsuya MC : SAYA SUJU DARI KOREA !!!!

When the concert ends, Audhy said to Zu "Are we really watched L'arc~en~Ciel concert?" and then he squat and cry . LoL !!!
This concert was so amazing ! Not only man and woman, boy and girls, but also LADIES around 30 years old be part of this concert.
They are CIELERS_ID,, amazing fan base from Indonesia.

After the show,, Audhy ask to his friend about Laruku members and manager, they said "Laruku happy, the manager satisfied"

this is in Indonesia ... LoL .
Kamu tau rasanya nunggu 10 tahun ,, 
cuma bisa dengerin lewat KASET yang beralih ke mp3 bajakan, terus ke VCD video PV download'an , beralih ke video manggung mreka yg pas TA arsitektur disetel tiap hari (theater on KISS) ...

lalu bikin band KW nya bareng anak2 theLEMONADE selama 3 tahun (skrg mreka 4 tahun) . . . . 

Sodara tua dr Jepang ini memang luar biasa!!!

Here is playlist song from WORLD TOUR

Sexy niple <3
Hyde played seruling here.

Great moment when Ken ask Hyde to open up his gift.

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