Another Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot Theme with My Friends

When a long holiday of Eid Mubarak, my friend Gusti Hasta talk to her friend Poppy who work at Cosmopolitan Magazine to take a picture with Coruscate Unique's dress

So we asked my photographer friend named Dans to help me potrait her. We have an idea to take an Alice in Wonderland theme, and he agreed. He bring a BIG WOOD FRAME with his friend Dhika and we bought some colorful baloon. We started to potrait Poppy at 4 pm, at Marina near a beach in Semarang. 

Here it is photoshoot from our friend DANS

I really love color of sunset !

See this BIG WOODEN FRAME ? This frame is very heavy . . . . . 
well and expensive too, not mine of course :D   

This photo from my friend DHIKA

Dhika said want to potrait her like a living doll.

Another baloon too .

This bag for property made by Coruscate Leathe Bag , all hand stiched manually, we don't use machine . Simply reason, because we really love handmade,
it's made just for you, not mass production :D 

Hope we can share another photoshoot again ! YEYYYY !!! 


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