Coruscate Unique Mori Girl Dresses Collection , Yeaaayyy !!!

what is mori girl? 


Mori girl is a Japanese street fashion that looks woodsy and natural. A mori girl dresses in earthy colors and loose dresses and layers. She enjoys wearing vintage and handmade pieces that make her look like she lives in a forest, hence the name-- "mori" means "forest" in Japanese.

Mori girl style is, above all else, comfortable. Loose, dreamy layers made from natural fabrics like cotton and wool, along with crochet, knit, and fur pieces are all part of the look.

 I'm a new fans of Mori Girl style , and I'm soooo like this style ( ^ω^ ) !

So here it's Coruscate Unique's collections inspired by Mori Girl ^^ I hope you like it !

My first dress is this White Rag Doll dress :
When I made this dress, I found lot of patchwork that is not used anymore, and I would feel guilty if I was included in the causes of flooding. So I chose a nice patchwork, and assemble them to make a rag doll dress with a wedding theme. 

A dress with mori kei style off white colour, dress bodice made from satin velvet combine with streetch brocade on shoulder. 

We give this rag doll dress a sweet decoration on the chest it is made from lace and broklade decorated with pink germstone. 

You can wear this dress in 2 ways. Shirring on the back to make you comfortable.

Mori Girl
White Rag Doll Dress Wedding Bridesmaid

Mori Girl Long Dress Frill Lace Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline Rag Doll

You can purchase my dress here in Coruscate Unique etsy !

Have a great great day !!!


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